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    Noi suntem fondatorii site-ului GameTracker.Rs Dacă îți găzduiești serverul de Counter-Strike 1.6 la noi vei beneficia de 6 boosturi gratuite în fiecare lună, unul la fiecare 5 zile.

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Uslovi prodaje

Terms of payments for KGB Hosting services via internet cards

                                                                                           V1 from 01.01.2014.

Terms of reclamations – payment, fees, refund of money/goods

Accourding to KGB Hosting policy "10 days money back guaranty", if KGB Hosting had any problems with dedicated servers and game servers could not function, we are obligated to refund money to clients that payed services less then 10 days ago, if clients wants a refund.

Condition for refund to take place is that hardware/internet problem really exists. We will not refund for changed mind or any software problems caused by client.

If refund conditions are met, refund will take place via VISA, EC/MC and Maestro payment method, meaning that seller (KGB Hosting) will inform bank to make a refund to clients account.


Statement about protection, collection and usage of clients personal informations:

We are obligated to respect and keep privacy of our clients. We gather only nessesary data about our clients and data needed to perform bussiness according to good manners with goal to  produce quality service.

All user data are safe kept and are available only to our employees who need those data to do business. Our employees are responsible for privacy data safe keeping.

If you decide to use our services, you need to know that by purchasing on this web site you are doing it the safe way with zero risk that your privacy data and credit card information will be abused.

Our store uses the latest safe service of automatic authorisation.

Description of the way we protect privacy transaction data:

During card payment over internet, you enter you data on banks safe page. Safety of data during transaction is guaranteed by payment processor on whom pages payment process is done. At no moment KGB Hosting nor eMS d.o.o. that enables acceptance of internet cards in the name of KGB Hosting will have access to data of your card.



When you enter you card data, classified informations are transferred in encrypted form using SSL protocol and PKI system which are the latest technologies.

Safety of data during purchase is guaranteed by internet card payment processor Banca Intesa ad Beograd, so that complete charge process is performed on safe pages of bank. At no moment, card data are available to our system.